New!  I have moved from the Toronto area to Barrie, Ontario.  If you need to reach me, please call 416-994-5515, or visit me at my new location, found on my contact page. 

Bless you!  Lady Nina

There are no upcoming events right now.


Now available for a limited time, Psychic Lady Nina Gift Certificates, good for any amount and for any available services or products. Please contact me at 416-994-5515 for appointment, purchase, and redemption. This certificate is not redeemable for cash.

Do you wish to achieve success?  Make God your partner, and go to Him again and again.  He is ever ready to help you.  Many people fail because they like to do things themselves which they cannot do without the help of God.


I am Lady Nina, and I am a spiritualist and psychic. I am here to help you find the answers to all the questions that keep you awake at night, such as problems with your health, your sex life and/or marriage, money, jobs, and even what REALLY happened to someone from your past. Perhaps you suffer from guilt, or have experienced a painful past, and you need to put these issues to rest.

My clients first come to see me, and then return, because they know I can help them with their internal hurts and vulnerabilities. I don't offer quick fixes to their problems, but I can help you locate the root issue that is plaguing you. People sometimes aren’t able to resolve a deeply buried problem since this requires serious self-confrontation, but I can see the root, and help you understand the issues that are blocking you, and point out your solutions. On the other hand, I have even had clients visit me in order to find ways to take advantage of another, to coerce or control others. But at heart, resolving the stumbling blocks you are encountering in your life is what I do best, as have generations of my relatives before me.

I am a true Roma Gypsy, trained for years in the craft, and with a keen sense of intuition and empathy for your situation. As well, I offer a full realm of crystals, oils, herbs, and other apothecary items to give you rest, improve your energy level, help you with your sex life and health and wealth. Give me a call, or stop by my reading room, and discover how you and I together can help you find your way